9 Ways a Bathroom Renovation Can Add Value to Your Home

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One of the biggest factors in the value of your home is the state of its bathrooms. According to the Appraisal Institute of Canada, bathroom and kitchen renovations are the most popular home improvement projects, as they have a 75 percent recovery rate. That means a $10,000 renovation to a bathroom can increase a home’s value by $7,500.

But renovated bathrooms, equipped with today’s standards, are not only great selling features; they also make your home more comfortable for everyday living. We appreciate good bathrooms the most on those mornings when everyone’s rushing out the door or those evenings when we want to just relax in a hot bath. There are plenty of things to consider when renovating your bathrooms, depending on your wants, needs, tastes and available space. Here are just a few items worth thinking about.

  1. double sink vanity

    Today’s homebuyers are looking for features that save time while also pampering. A double sink and vanity adds a touch of luxury.

    Second sink: Adding a second sink to your largest bathroom is a great idea, if room permits. It’s a great time saver, as it allows two people to get ready to start their day at once. And it’s not as costly as people might think because the sinks can share supply and drain lines.
  2. Shower heads: A simple change of your shower head can mean a world of difference to your bathroom. Today’s shower heads come with many different settings to improve the experience. For instance, a shower head with a “rain” setting provides a luxurious feel.
  3. Ventilation systems: Exhaust fans are not the most glamorous component of a bathroom renovation, but they are essential for controlling humidity, reducing mold and maintaining air quality. They also help prevent moisture damage to cabinets and finishes. They are well worth the investment; higher-priced models offer better air-movement with less noise.
  4. glass sink

    Modern designs combine unique materials for fashionable styling and functionality.

    Faucets and fixtures: A leaky faucet can easily turn a potential home buyer away, but new, properly sealed faucets and fixtures are excellent resale features. Satin or brushed nickel finishes are popular and go well with slate-coloured tile. And the better the quality of the cabinet on which the fixtures sit, the more likely the home will sell quickly. At Ducon, we can install your choice of stock cabinets or build custom cabinetry to suit your needs.
  5. Lighting: Light fixtures, mirrors and windows all contribute to a bright and warm feeling bathroom. Sconce or task lights that hang from the wall or ceiling are popular because they come in a variety of styles and do not take up a lot of room. When installed alongside large mirrors they contribute to an attractive bathroom. If room permits, consider adding or expanding a window to improve lighting and air circulation.
  6. Storage: A good bathroom requires plenty of storage space. A well-thought out design can make the most of awkward spaces with custom cabinets and slide-out compartment trays. When planning your project, consider vertical space as well as horizontal; custom-built tall drawer units and cabinets can make an efficient use of small spaces.
  7. Colour schemes: Choosing a colour scheme for your bathroom from the endless list of possibilities is sometimes daunting, but here’s a tip: using neutral colours on fixtures and surfaces allows you to add highlights and visual interest with accessories like shower curtains, towels and rugs. This gives you flexibility to change things up whenever you’re ready.
  8. Heating: No one likes to step out of a warm shower or bathtub onto a cold, tiled floor. Radiant infloor heating takes care of this and provides a comfortable experience on cold winter days. A heated towel rack is also an inexpensive way to add a touch of luxury.
  9. Space: Your renovations are sometimes limited by the space you have to work with. If you’re modernizing a small, traditional bathroom, you may want to remove the tub in favour of a shower to create more space. If you’re on a tight budget it’s a good idea to work with the floor space you already have; otherwise you may have to rework plumbing lines. If you can’t fit everything you want into your main bathroom, consider building a smaller powder room (a room with just a toilet and sink) in another part of your house. There’s an added benefit to doing this, as extra bathrooms also add value to your home at resale.

If you decide to take on a renovation project, you’ll have plenty of company. A 2013 survey by Moen Canada found that 78 percent of respondents plan to tackle one or more home renovation projects in the next six months. With so many other homeowners choosing to renovate, you’ll want to start planning early. You should begin with contacting the contractor of your choice.

At Ducon, we can meet with you to do a site inspection, discuss your renovation needs, make recommendations, suggest a decorator or prepare a design for you. Once we have your approval, we’ll get started on building the bathroom that will bring style, comfort and function into your life while adding value to your home. You can get started today by getting in touch.

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