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There Is A ‘Lot’ To Consider Before You Build


Everybody fantasizes about their dream home. There are features we may really want: perhaps a balcony, a wall of windows, a fieldstone fireplace, maybe a cathedral ceiling in the living room with a gallery loft, or a complete home theatre in a finished basement. Perhaps you’re looking to build on..


Project Budgeting: Where Dreams Meet Reality


In any relationship, the most difficult discussions to have are those involving money. Yet, when starting on a construction project, the need to discuss frankly your available budget and the required investment is crucial. Whether you’re renovating a kitchen or bathroom, building a custom home,..


Landscaping The Finishing Touches For Your House


We wait so long for warm weather in Canada that we like to be able to have our indoor comforts outside when the good weather comes. At Ducon Contractors we can help you move the vision of your new home forward to include landscaping that will suit your year round needs. We will recommend or..


Let’s Talk About Roofs


Few people outside the construction industry are aware that there is an actual science to roof construction that allows for the maximization of weather protection, durability, energy conservation, and interior air quality while adding to the beauty of your home. At Ducon Contractors, we pride..


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