Design Services

Design Services

Design is an engaging process that requires understanding your vision and bringing it to reality. In keeping with our belief in sustainability, our designs are a combination of both form and function.

Design affects both the upfront construction cost as well as ongoing operational costs of a building. Orientation of a building on a site can affect energy costs by making use of passive solar energy; building shape and interior layouts can play a role in efficient heat retention and dispersal.

Ducon’s in-house team is qualified to design your residential or commercial small building projects (under 600 sqm) with BCIN certification. 

3-D software for better visualization

We know that it can be difficult to visualize how a two-dimensional drawing will become a home; that’s why we utilize the latest 3D software to provide a complete virtual walk-through of your project before it is built.

Our design team consults with you in the selection of materials that suit the project site, architectural details, and building performance. 

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