So Long But Not Farewell To A Valued Member Of Our Team

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Andrew Vink

The Ducon family is celebrating with Andrew Vink his retirement from Ducon Contractors. Andrew faithfully worked in our Millwork division for over nine years producing beautiful quality pieces. The list of Andrew’s works is as long as his skills are varied. He could easily take a three dimensional rendering of a piece of furniture and produce an exact replica. Not an easy thing to do! Check out some of his work in our photo gallery.

Andrew’s creativity was expressed in each piece of millwork that he produced. To Andrew, nothing was seen as scrap, he would be able to use every ounce of wood he could find and if he couldn’t use it right away, he always knew there was a “someday”. He saw possibility in what others might see as waste and could create something special out of it.

When asking co-workers to describe Andrew, words were used such as dedicated, detailed, conscientious, reliable and patient, so very patient! Unless however, you tried to sneak away with any of his shop tools. Co-workers quickly learned that one did not mess around with the fine tools of his trade, especially if one was going to use them on anything other than millwork!

As amazing as Andrew’s craftsmanship is and how valuable it was to the Ducon family, his greatest impact tended to be Andrew himself. Constantly having a smile on his face that was contagious, his always happy nature and gentle spirit made one want to spend time around him.

Although Andrew is no longer an official member of our Team, he will always be a valuable member of our family here at Ducon. We wish Andrew and his family God’s blessings as he moves ahead into the future and look forward to seeing his smiling face around here once in awhile.

So long Andrew, but Not farewell!

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