General Contractor - Industrial, Institutional and Commercial

General Contractor - Industrial, Institutional and Commercial

Choosing the right general contractor for a construction project can mean the difference between a smooth, on-time, on-budget dream and a nightmare of cost overruns and delays in completion. Ducon Contractors Ltd. provides professional construction services to the institutional, industrial and commercial sectors.

Vital elements for a successful construction project

At Ducon, we believe there are three vital elements to a project's success: communications, trust and follow-up.

Communication and planning are key

Large construction projects require careful planning and clear communication. From the initial stages of understanding your needs and wants, through space design, obtaining of permits to the building process itself, Ducon is with you every step of the way. We understand that time is money and that proper scheduling is essential; with a proven process and industry-standard software, Ducon moves your vision forward.

Good client relationships are built on trust

People trust Ducon because we have the experience of over 35 years in the construction industry. Our senior staff have a total of over 120 years of experience. We only work with subcontractors we can trust to meet our high standards. So you can trust that our budget projections will be right, timelines will be met and the quality will be evident.

Follow-up to ensure satisfaction

Once a project is complete, we do a thorough inspection with you and your team and provide training on systems. We maintain contact and respond promptly to any concerns to ensure your building continues to perform as you expect.

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