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Few people outside the construction industry are aware that there is an actual science to roof construction that allows for the maximization of weather protection, durability, energy conservation, and interior air quality while adding to the beauty of your home.

At Ducon Contractors, we pride ourselves on the excellence of our roofing systems and we will work with you, whether it be for new construction or renovations, to move your vision forward with quality and craftsmanship

What’s changing in roofing?

Next to the foundation, the proper roofing system is vital to the overall longevity of your home. Roofing problems from leaks, ice damage, or poor ventilation can all lead to damp insulation, moulds, leakage into the ceilings and walls, higher energy costs for heating or cooling, poor air quality and ultimately deterioration of the building’s structural integrity.

Money invested in a good roofing system, installed by professionals will save you thousands in maintenance and repairs over the years and extend the life and resale value of your home.

For many years the three tab asphalt shingles with a 25 year warranty have been the standard issue for most homes, whether they were new construction or for home renovation, but there are better products now available.

At Ducon Contractors, we recommend architectural shingles with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty to our clients for durability, low maintenance and curbside appeal.

What are architectural shingles?

Architectural shingles are a variation of asphalt shingles made with a thick layer of an asphalt composite material. They come in different sizes and shapes giving a three-dimensional look to the roof similar to slate or cedar shakes. Their design and how they lie on a roof make it far more durable than the conventional three tab asphalt shingle with almost double the warranty.

Architectural shingles are fifty percent heavier than the standard three tab asphalt shingle and their single tab construction make them less susceptible to curling, wind damage, leakage, or ice dams. Higher end varieties can also be fire resistant and can withstand winds of up to 210 /km per hour making them preferred in areas that are susceptible to tornados, high winds or wild fires. They come in variations of shades, making the replacement of a single damaged shingle far less noticeable.

Although they are more expensive than regular asphalt shingles, the 40-year warranty and the curbside appeal, means lower maintenance costs and higher resale value.

What other features are important to consider in a roof?

Increasingly houses are being built with steeper roofs to ensure the proper slope for drainage.  Intersecting roof sections also allow for a more even distribution of run-off from the roof. We ensure there is a proper metal flashing along all the points of intersection and that roofs have water tight shielding in terms of a rubberized membrane over the wood and a layer of water resistant felt roofing paper under the shingles. The shingles are held in place by an extra strong adhesive as well as nails to further prevent shingle movement or loss.

What about ventilation?

With the high cost of heating these days and our wildly fluctuating temperatures from intense winter deep freeze to humid summer heat waves, proper ventilation is essential in the science of roof construction. Ventilation under the soffits brings cooler air into the attic and expels the build up of heat within the attic through the roof vents. This allows for our houses to stay cooler in the summer, often without air conditioning, and prevents the build up of moist warm air damaging the insulation in the attic during the winter.

In older or cheaply constructed homes, there is often inadequate soffit or roof ventilation or the existing ventilation may have been plugged by quick fix renovations like blown in insulation. The results can be icicle build up, ice dams, wrecked flashing and soaked insulation.

The danger signs on a roof are usually evident to the eye with cracked or curling shingles, snow melting quickly off the roof, and icicles forming around the gutters.

Moving your vision forward with the proper roofing system?

When you are building a new custom home, Ducon Contractors will ensure a quality roofing system will protect your investment for as long as you live in your home. Please contact us to learn more about roofs and homes that last.

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