When To Renovate? When To Build New?

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Over coffee we have enjoyed many discussions about the cost effective comparison of a ‘New Build’ versus an ‘Addition/Renovation’. A lot of variables come in to play when deciding. I have listed a few for starters.

  1. How long will this take?
  2.  Am I happy with our current Location?
  3. Are new homes as good as they say?
  4. Is our house worth the investment?
  5. What is the return on investment for a new home?
  6. Can we find a builder patient enough to work around our schedules?
  7. Is our family able to live through the mess/disruption?

Over the next few few posts we will be looking at each of these topics in detail. I personally believe everyone loves the idea of a new home, that no one has lived in before. This has long been the mark of “achievement”, if you look for those types of status symbols. In reality there is more to the process than meets the eye. For example the design process, the easiest design is a Hew Home. We can start with a fresh piece of paper , very little parameters and just dream it into existence. Site orientation, access to services, Location all play a role in the early discussion.  Because every thing is new this can be very rewarding.

The renovation however is much more challenging. Additions and renovations all have a current design in place. A building has a past, a rhythm, or schedule that it is used for. Spaces inside are favoured and have earned the right to be kept. During the design process we need to be very aware of these key elements, guiding us to the best result.

construction plans

Where do we go from here?


Projects often get of the rails quickly when the bigger picture isn’t reviewed.

So keep coming back to learn more about the decision between

  Renovate?              New Build?



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