Why Build With Insulated Concrete Forms?

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Insulated Concrete Forms provide many benefits

insulating foam structural building blocks

Building with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) offers many benefits in strength, energy efficiency and soundproofing.

Looking for a product that can save your home on energy costs, block outside sounds, resist fires, and add to the structural integrity of your building? How about one that’s great at keeping cold air outside during the winter and keeping your home comfortable in the summer? It’s possible to enjoy all of these benefits from Insulated Concrete Forms and Ducon Contractors Ltd. is proud to use this increasingly popular building product in new buildings throughout the Quinte region.

The use of Insulated Concrete Forms, or ICF, is changing the way homes and commercial buildings are constructed and insulated, while contributing to a better environment. Ducon is a certified installer of Nudura ICF, and we have completed a number of building projects using this product. Our staff, and more importantly our customers, have been thrilled with the results.

What are Insulated Concrete Forms?

Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms are made of two long panels of insulating foam joined together by metal rods. During construction they are assembled to form the foundations and walls of a building. Concrete is then poured inside the gap between the foam panels to form a solid, insulated structure.

Insulating benefits

Insulated Concrete Form walls act as a thermal barrier, making it possible for buildings and homes to retain heat more effectively. The two layers of foam plus concrete in ICF walls give the building an R40-50 insulation value; this can reduce a home’s heating costs up to 70 per cent a year. It’s a product that’s perfect for harsh Canadians winters, as ICF foundations keep basements warmer. The same factors prevent heat and humidity from getting inside and ensure the building remains comfortable during the summer.

Advantages over wood

Insulated Concrete Form walls are a better alternative to traditional wood-framed walls, as wood is susceptible to moisture and mold, which can weaken the structure of the home. ICF walls are also a safer choice as concrete is far more flame resistant than wood. There are other positive benefits to using insulated concrete forms in construction. Traditional wood-framed building techniques can lead to further depletion of forests, whereas, the foam in ICF is made largely out of recycled materials.

Sound-proofing benefits

The thick, multi-layer nature of Nudura ICF also provides effective sound barriers. This building product is now commonly used in hotels and in homes in noisy neighbourhoods, such as airport communities, to block outside sounds.

Construction benefits

ICF walls are efficient from the contractor’s perspective. Some say they’re as easy to assemble as Lego blocks, as they come in symmetrical shapes, with no left or right sides. They are also light and easy to handle. This allows for insulated concrete form projects to be completed in a quicker and more efficient manner than traditional construction projects. For customers who require a quick turnaround, or don’t want the inconveniences of a construction project that drags on, ICF structures are well worth the investment.

Building integrity

The innovative nature of Nudura ICF increases building integrity. ICF walls are essentially reinforced concrete walls, which are sturdy and less susceptible to damage than walls made primarily from poured concrete. As the foam panels are stacked, structural steel, or rebar wires, are installed inside the wall. Once the panels are stacked to the appropriate height, concrete is poured into the cavity inside.

Once insulated concrete form walls are installed, a building project proceeds in a typical fashion. Drywall can be applied directly onto the foam. In areas where electrical wires are needed, it’s easy to put a channel into the foam to connect them to an outlet.

Consider Insulated Concrete Forms for your next project

At Ducon, we realize that building a dream home or a new commercial building is, for many, a once-in-a lifetime project. It requires research into materials and modern building techniques that can generate efficiencies, leading to cost savings. Those who choose to build with Insulated Concrete Forms are making a great decision. They will reduce your energy bill and provide you with a solid building structure – one that will last well into the future.

Ducon Contractors and Homes is proud to be a Nudura certified installer for this innovative product and hopes to contribute to its growth in the construction industry. We’ve seen first hand that it saves customers on energy costs, contributes to a greener environment and leads to well-built and structurally sound buildings. When planning your next building project in Belleville, Trenton, Cobourg or Prince Edward County, ask us about including Insulated Concrete Forms.

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