WSIB And Bill 119, A Recipe For Rising Cost?

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All of us are concerned with rising costs. Today’s economy is fragile and we need to keep all our spending in check.  As a contractor we are well aware of how much ‘the market will bear’. Each day we discuss costs with clients and have much time involved selling the cost involved in building. Some of the most difficult things to explain to our clients are government imposed costs.

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Bill 119

Developmental fees and Permits can be explained by showing the services locally given by our Municipal government. Permits cover the cost of inspections and regulations.  HST is expected because this is everywhere, even though it is hard to pin down all it’s benefits. New this year we are forced to educate our customers on a new ‘tax’. Bill 119 enforces WSIB premiums on Owners of every small business. Our Company is now being charged 4-11 % of the Owners gross wage. A business owner is in this to earn money, and rightly so. Each day they go to work and take risks that most people don’t understand. Also the responsibility of having employees working safety and efficiently is enormous. I can speak clearly to the scope of work that owners have, and the list is long. Also the schedule cannot be defined to any typical work week. These issues effect the feasibility of Bill 119, because how can an Owner be insured by a Workplace Insurance Board based on duties and schedule? We all know that an Owner cannot prove they were hurt at work. Much less, how can Insurance companies prove they weren’t. This is why private coverage is the only answer.

We have had Private coverage mandatory for Owners in Ontario for many years and most Owners have been glad to purchase this. Because the coverage is 24/7 , keeping in balance with his or her’s schedule. Any Owner will tell you they are always ‘on call’. ( When I owned my own business  I had to leave the province to get any sort of holiday ). If the Provincial Government wants to help this economy, they had better get things on track for the SMALL BUSINESS, or we will have many out of work people. This will lead to a willingness to bend the rules, to earn money. That means a stronger black market not weaker, as WSIB promotes Bill 119's purpose ”to level the playing field“.

I hope this has been informative. At Ducon we are committed to working safely and in accordance with all regulations in-place  You can be sure we will follow all the prescribed guidelines to constructing your next project. We just want you to know where all these new costs are coming from.

Some are not needed!

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